Seed Global

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In-country Representation


Our efforts help increase applications, reduce melt & engage alumni

We help our university partners build & maintain relationships with prospective students, parents, local universities, agents & study abroad support organizations. Our team brings expertise in market outreach, enquiry management, application support, pre-departure engagement & alumni relations.
Hiring & Onboarding
We source & train the best talent to represent your institution and its values in international markets.
Travel & Logistics
Our travel concierge helps source the best flights, accommodation and local transportation in accordance with the university's travel policies.
Learning & Development
We invest in people to upskill and constantly grow to achieve better results for your institution.
Legal Compliance
Our Regulatory & Legal services set up processes and procedures to ensure adherence to local government regulation and law.
Payroll Management
We manage payroll processing, tax filings, tracking paid time off, and completing all statutory compliances.
Administration & Infrastructure Support
We set-up physical infrastructure, including office space and IT hardware while also providing administrative support for seamless operations.