Seed Global

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Program Marketing


Our strategies improve marketing ROI

Unlike traditional marketing channels, our innovative tactics create multiple touchpoints tailored to engage and convert high-quality prospects, leaving them with strong brand impressions and excellent recall.
Campus Marketing
Our global campus ambassador network facilitates targeted outreach to potential grad school aspirants.
Media Partnerships
We provide recommendations and access to a collection of large, medium, and small media platforms that have an active user base of higher education prospects.
Influencer Marketing
We amplify our university partners' brand through exclusive partnerships with leading higher education influencers leveraging their large and engaged following.
Masterclasses & Info sessions
We curate subject matter-focused masterclasses to underscore our university partners' value proposition to higher education aspirants, measuring campaign ROI.
Network Marketing
We have cultivated relationships with 300+ student & professional communities and study abroad service providers, helping attract the brightest candidates for our university partners.
Multi-touch Solutions
SEED's touchpoints assure our partners will command a strong brand recall, solidifying reputation in the minds of quality candidates.