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SEED consults higher education universities in growing their international footprints.
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Our dedicated representatives manage in-person and virtual out-reach, enquiry management, application support, pre-departure engagement and alumni.
Hiring & On-boarding
SEED’s network of diligent and motivated high-performers with industry expertise works to recruit and on-board the best talent to represent your institution.
Training & Development
SEED’s training programs and on-ground expertise upskills talent with the tools to achieve their KPIs and meet the expectations.
Payroll Management
SEED also manages end-to-end payroll processes, ensuring necessary compliance with HR, legal and tax regulations of the home and representational countries.
Travel & Logistics
SEED’s travel desk provides best-in-class service at cost-effective rates for flights, local transport and accommodation, in accordance with the university’s travel policies.
Legal Compliance
SEED’s legal team ensures compliance is followed with the local employment and labor laws.
Administration & Infrastructure Support
SEED sets-up physical infrastructure, including office space and IT hardware while also providing administrative support for seamless operations.


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Unlike traditional tactics, our Program Marketing innovations create multiple touchpoints to attract high potential candidates, leaving them with excellent brand recall.
Campus Marketing
SEED's extensive Campus Ambassador Network allows our university partners to communicate their grad school program offerings to prospective students globally and more effectively as opposed to (Need the traditional method of campus marketing)
Influencer Marketing
SEED represents an exclusive base of higher-education online influencers. We leverage their large following of students to improve recognition and establish the reputation of our university partners, leading to positive word of mouth.
Network Marketing
SEED's association with numerous leading Test Preps automatically filters high-quality aspirants primed for our university partners to promote to.
Masterclasses & Info sessions
SEED bridges the higher education information gap by curating interest-based masterclass sessions. These sessions are used to further underline our university partners' value proposition to aspirants. We also curate sessions specifically aimed at boosting yield from enrolled students.
Media Partnerships
SEED also extends support to our university partners in assessing market landscapes in key recruitment zones towards developing 360 degree advertising and marketing strategies. University partners of SEED can also avail of our preferential advertising rates on higher education media platforms. Targeted content and campaigns on these platforms reach a large and relevant audience of top ranking study-abroad students.
SEED's touchpoints assure our partners engineer a holistic recall and a finesse reputation in the minds of top-quality candidates.


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Our Immersion Programs help universities to provide a unique learning experience showcasing cultural and socio-economic diversity.
Digital India
SEED organizes visits to Bengaluru - The Silicon Valley of India - to interact with professionals from leading technology companies having global footprints. Our Digital India initiative also inducts students to the capital city Delhi to meet the brains behind government initiatives that transforms India into a digital economy.
Start-up India
SEED facilitates knowledge exchange for our university partner students with early employees of Indian unicorns like Ola, Swiggy, Big Basket, BYJUs, OYO, among a plethora of others, to understand how new-age companies are disrupting the traditional business models.
ESG Initiatives
SEED also establishes meet and learns from leading companies that are setting new benchmarks in sustainability and delivering large-scale projects to achieve their ESG goals.
Healthcare India
SEED establishes connects for students with healthcare professionals who cater to the largest healthcare ecosystem in the world. Students learn how technology, data, and policy combine to shape India’s resilient health-care system.
Consumer Business
SEED’s university partner students are also exposed to the largest growing consumer market in the world as they experience how brands are creating differentiated digital consumer experiences to get a share of people’s wallets.
SEED's touchpoints assure our partners engineer a holistic recall and a finesse reputation in the minds of top-quality candidates.


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Leverage our network to create academic collaborations and launch Joint, Dual Degree and Twinning Programs.
Dual Degree & Joint Programs
SEED’s university partners collaborate with leading B-Schools & UG institutions by designing joint programs, student exchange programs and to partner on other strategic initiatives.
Hiring & Placements
SEED provides students of our university partners with career counselling, which helps them discover the right opportunities to jump-start their professional journeys.
Exchange Partnerships
Since our network encompasses leading UG and PG institutions worldwide, and across specializations in the Management, Humanities, Law and STEM disciplines, SEED facilitates cross-country exchange programs for existing students.
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