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University Relations

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Our well-established relationships help your expansion efforts

We connect universities and promote collaboration, empowering academic institutions to provide further global opportunities to students.
Academic Partnerships
Using our extensive network with local universities and B-Schools in emerging markets, we help our clients develop joint, dual degree and twinning programs.
Hiring & Placements
We counsel and support graduates of our university partners to achieve their career goals.
Immersion Programs
Our immersion programs allow university partners to provide students a unique learning experience, culled from a diverse cultural and socio-economic landscape.
Hiring & On-boarding
SEED’s network of diligent and motivated high-performers with industry expertise works to recruit and on-board the best talent to represent your institution.
Travel & Logistics
SEED’s travel desk provides best-in-class service at cost-effective rates for flights, local transport and accommodation, in accordance with the university’s travel policies.
Training & Development
SEED’s training programs and on-ground expertise upskills talent with the tools to achieve their KPIs and meet the expectations.
Legal Compliance
SEED’s legal team ensures compliance is followed with the local employment and labor laws.
Payroll Management
SEED also manages end-to-end payroll processes, ensuring necessary compliance with HR, legal and tax regulations of the home and representational countries.
Administration & Infrastructure Support
SEED sets-up physical infrastructure, including office space and IT hardware while also providing administrative support for seamless operations.